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Web Development Courses

If you intend to pursue a carrier in web designing & web development then it is imperative that you lay its foundation with unmatched technical skills. Cosmic-vent Training is a training institute located in Hyderabad which provides an extensive in-depth knowledge as well as practical training on live projects needed to boost your carrier in web development. Cosmic-vent prides itself on being a stepping stone towards your dream in becoming a web developer .Acquiring these skills is key when it comes to becoming a successful web developer. Cosmicvent is a training which offers services to train students in programming languages such as HTML,CSS, JAVA & PHP. Every trainee here at Cosmicvent is individually focused on and encouraged to question all aspects of training in-order to develop a better understanding of the subject.

Web Development Courses

The Training institute is well aware of the changes that have occurred in the training methodology and no longer subscribes to limiting trainees to low key dummy projects. Instead Cosmicvent focuses on providing its trainees with real time experience and makes them job ready so that they can embark on their journey towards achieving their goals. At Cosmicvent you get a hands on experience which infinitely enhances your learning process and makes you aware about the finer points in web development.

By enrolling in Cosmicvent :

  • 1 )The aspirants are made to work on live projects giving them an edge over many others and making them understand better, the workings and trails and situations faced by professional web developers.
  • 2) The trainees will get a chance to collaborate with our web development experts on real time projects of our clients. This will provide them with an insight into how things are done on a professional frontier.
  • 3) The trainees will be working under a very pleasant environment that will make them comfortable and bring out the best in them
  • 4) The trainees will be trained by some of our best staff members who are highly qualified and possess skill and vast experience
  • 5) The trainees will be provided with a training certificate after their training has been completed.

Cosmicvent is one of Hyderabad's finest training institutions which provides a remarkable experience. Here trainees are given the best of everything, ranging from professional experienced trainers to vast practical real time experience. The duration for these training programs is 6 month which will comprise of a practical approach, real time experience and an engaging theoretical side to it. You can easily avail these services for up to Rs 36000/-

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Our Courses

Web Development

Our process of website

design extends to custom systems,
custom online store solutions,
and sophisticated web development.
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PHP Programing

We Design and Develops dynamic E-commerce websites to upgrade your business and to increase in customers tryst. We provide best in class design

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Digital Marketing

Cosmicvent Software Pvt Ltd, offers hosting plans that are secure, reliable, and high-performing. There's a perfect hosting solution for every website

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